I am an artist, hailing from the darkest corners of the North East and residing, here and now, in the East Midlands.

I am a painter, a maker, a hands in whatever creative pie comes my way kind of person. I am inspired by people, nature, science and folklore. I get my art kicks from watching strange folk and eavesdropping on conversations.

Coming from the north, where you have to be sharp witted to survive just one day, and be willing to wear three persons your weight in clothing in the cold winter months, I developed a kind of dead pan, bleak sense of humour as a response to my misadventures as a wirey youth and all that I absorbed from my surroundings, growing up. This flows through my work today and throws out a hand to whoever sees, forming a tight bond, lighting up distant memories of friendships and happenings that were once tightly tucked away. 

I also have 7 years experience of facilitating and developing creative workshops and projects in schools and communities. Emphasis is often on freeing up and not worrying about making mistakes, and allowing time and space for imagination.