I am an artist based in Derby, hailing from the North East.

My work is instinctual and flows through various methods and mediums, from 2D visual art forms such as watercolour and collage to ceramic and further sculpture. At times there is a clear illustrative style that has a focus on people, character and narrative and at others, any human influence is stripped away to texture and colour. 

I have a recurring interest in layered form, be it human behaviour; what hides beneath the forefront of a person, or the influence of geology and ecology.  I have always been taken with the idea of transience and the capturing of time, a moment can never be truly captured and the present is always a sudden memory.  I am currently experimenting with resin, encapsulating subtle colours and papers and creating raw forms that sit in juxtapose with the lush colour and bold pattern in my ceramic work. I am working on ways of combining these two very different sculptural methods.

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