TOMOrrows talent zine series and Hemlock Printers have teamed up to produce a new zine series featuring 7 AMAZING artists.. I have put this lot forward for the call out. Wish me luck!

New Studio

I have finally found a new nest, for a few months at least. You can find me tucked away up a cobbled street in Belper with the lovely Creatii. (

After a busy few weeks with crazy sales thanks to the amazing Jealous Curator, I have decided to focus on 'for the hell of it' sculpture for a while. First stop, ceramic totem poles. Can't wait to see these in full colour. 

Experiments with Resin

I've been dreaming of strange, subtle worlds encapsulated in resin for a while. I'm not sure where I am going with this and it has taken a while to begin this process, but boy is it satisfying. Watch this space.

This is Normanton

I was recently commissioned to create an illustration for Fifth Word, as a thank you to all of the lovely people that worked on and volunteered for the 'This is Normanton' project that is now being shown in Pickford House Museum in Derby. 

I wanted to capture the vibrance that is found in this area, looking through the archival visual research that was collected I began to formulate a mixed media collage that I think represents the community spirit of Normanton.


A Little Rusty

I haven't done any 'real' drawing for a long time so I am quite happy with where this is going. Just wish I could do what I'm drawing. I could, once, for about five minutes when I was about 14. 

Chai and the City

Very productive morning down at Artcore. Collating research taken from the #LocalStudiesLibrary last week, in order to make a collaborative creative booklet in response the Chai and the City project. Today we focused on the first ever Teas-made, invented by Samuel Rowbottom in 1892.

old found words

Found some old poems the other day. (don't laugh) The memories came flooding right back. Growing up in the North East, going to art college and becoming a mother. The beginning of everything.


Street parties

Friendly faces

Late for school

Tying laces

Staceys house

Damp and musty

Ice cream van

10p lucies

Growing up

Things changing

Out of hands

Time wasting

Flush red cheeks and charcoal drawings
Fleetham Street
Corridors and rumours
A chip fork in the road
Blue dress; armhole facings
Half hour bus ride home
Wetsuits on!
Cold red noses
Who’s afraid of sea monsters?
Pink hair; Petty theft
Something naughty, it’s my birthday
Growing up, being mum
Fire on, nails done

First day home, Feeling scared and excited
This precious little thing. What if I can’t do it?

Its snowing outside. I put you in your car seat
Snow falls and lands on your tiny pink face

We drive home with care. Can’t stop looking at you

Home at last. I could shut the world out for a life time
I want you all to myself. Just you and me

People come over. Celebrations begin.
’Go away’ Im thinking, creeping pain in my tummy

I take you away to my room.
Shut the door. Hold you in my arms

My baby. My Milly.

Another Fine Mess

It's only taken me 37 years to learn to put a sheet down. Still get it on my face though! 

Recently started working with oils. I am finding it such a rich experience that I wasn't expecting. I don't know why, but I have always kind of avoided them, maybe it's because it is such a slow process and I've always worked quite quickly.  In fact, it is the slow process that I am enjoying. Like i've finally given myself the chance to really sink into my work and experience every little detail. Maybe I'm finally growing up.


Scrape and Fold

Really loving working on canvas. I have a real love for texture and mark-making; the pressure and the impact of the paint to the surface and then the fine removal of that. Lay it down, scrub it off. Find new detail. A story told with layers instead of pages. 


Wirksworth Festival 2017

This weekend I have mostly been invading a (lovely) strangers house with my art work.

Wirksworth Festival, a wonderful place where local folk open their doors to artists. This year I am on top of a big hill with a beautiful garden and views of rain lashing down on rooftops. Hats off to those that braved the British weather and the steep incline.

A great weekend, rain or.. rain.


How Many faces can you see?

I see faces in everything. I have done since I was a little girl, when I would scour my bedroom for hints of light to play with the shadows as I fell asleep. I see figures in the leaves on a tree, I see a lady eating an apple in the flowers that fold into my curtains. It's never ending how my brain can entertain itself. 

So I decided to pull my work apart and put it back together. A new world has been created yet again. Oh Photoshop, I do love you. 



Murals Wedding

Over the past month or so, myself and the wonderful Emily Garcés have been working with the local community in Allenton and Shelton Lock to gather inspiration for this giant mural that we are now creating for St Edmunds Church, based on the idea of community and individuality within community.

Over the course of the project, we have kept a loose template in mind that combines cell like patterns and flowing narrative. It's nice to see the finished piece growing as organically as the project itself has done over time.

I am so glad that I was given Emily to work with, we have bounced off each other in a really great way, (the fact that we are both bonkers helps) And I think you can already see both of of our styles within the work. 

Watch this space for the final results!

Check out Emilys work here:


Paper World


Really into messing about with different textures, layering up paper with print and colour and pattern. Finding natural compositions makes me feel kind of fuzzy inside, like this is where this piece of paper is destined to sit, without putting much thought into it and letting the work flow and speak for itself.

New Studio

Looking forward to moving into my new studio space. Bit of a commute through all hell breaks loose traffic twice a day so it's probably going to be temporary, 

BUT LOOK! Even has a roof terrace. My heart is jumping.