New Studio

Looking forward to moving into my new studio space. Bit of a commute through all hell breaks loose traffic twice a day so it's probably going to be temporary, 

BUT LOOK! Even has a roof terrace. My heart is jumping.

Inside my sketchbook there lives another world

Decided to spend a couple of afternoons painting in my sketch book. I dunno why but I feel this weird guilty feeling whenever I choose to just spend some time working on my own thing. Like I still have the voice of Mr 9 to 5 in my head, telling me that it's not 'real' work. 


Well kids, if you're reading this. Don't do what the man tells you to do. Follow your dreams. For all you know, you only have one life, don't spend it doing something you don't care about. A man in a suit does not decide what real work is. You do.

Keep painting, keep singing, keep dancing. Keep keeping it real.



Today was meant to be a day of admin and art proposals. Got a bit distracted with the good stuff. 

Next Batch of Good

After some panicked searching for kiln space, the university kindly offered one more load of work. I have had great fun making these twisty boobie ladies. Fingers crossed they come out looking amazing!

Keep an eye out for them in the museum shop!

#TBT First Art Thing

Looking through some old photos, I came across this piece of art work from back in the Foundation years. (13 years ago!!!)

Months spent listening to Radiohead, I really began to see how much music effected me, creatively. I'd use every beat to determine what I did with my pen, totally sucked into the moment of the sound.

Time capsule

This piece was based on Memory, a kind of giant time capsule / pod. Twigs foraged and twisted round to form cocoon-like shapes,  intricately weaved with hand printed papers, filled with mark makings and scrawlings from my childhood, signifying moments caught forever. 

It was a pretty inspiring time, I had recently become a Mum and was going through some incredible changes as a person. I was looking at the world in a different way, noticing changes in seasons a lot more, the colours the smells. Everything inspired me. It all started here really, with the birth of my daughter came wave after wave of creativity. 

Wibble wobble

Went to check out the space where I will be hanging the penguins at the museum. Really exciting to think about how it will look next week.

Not massively excited about the prospect of climbing these bad boys. Even after abseiling off an incredibly large bridge in the Peak District, in a bid to cure my fears, I still get wobbly legs and clammy hands at the mere thought of a ladder. Luckily, I will have lots of help on hand so hopefully I can keep the jelly legs to a minimum. 



Swimming Ladies

Starting to really love Mondays. After a whole weekend of waiting with bated breath while my little treasures cook away inside the kiln, the anticipation is almost too much.

Today, three lady swimmers swam right out of the oven, rich with colour and flush in the cheeks. After three whole days of continuous exercise they are ready for a cup of tea and a big slice of cake. 

Adélie Blues

Adélie populations have fallen by more than 65% in the past 25 years. The biggest threat to them right now is climate change.

In parts of the Antarctic peninsula, sea ice cover has reduced by over 60% in 30 years. One of the Adélies’ main food source, krill, needs ice to breed and feed under, and the loss of ice is causing a decline in krill in some areas. Warmer temperatures can also have an affect on chick hatching times, and they may hatch at times when food is scarce.

Penguins Penguins

So, playing catch up here.. I have been a little busy lately, getting my hands stuck into some serious clay for my arts residency with Artcore. 

I have been producing some interventional art for Derby Museum and Art Gallery, inspired by their fantastic collection. Early in the residency, I decided to spend a while just familiarising myself with the many artefacts and just getting a feel for the space. I was quickly and predictably drawn to the huge nature collection, where I stumbled upon two Adelie penguins, brought back from Robert Scott's ill fated expedition to the Antarctic in 1910. I loved Scott's account of the inquisitive birds;

‘The great trouble has been with the fatuous conduct of the penguins. Groups have been constantly leaping onto our (ice) floe. From the moment of landing on their feet, their whole attitude expressed devouring curiosity and pig headed disregard for their own safety.’

I thought about the contrast of their funny little waddle on land and their powerful gliding movements underwater. I could see them swimming through the museum, tiny ceramic recreations, illustrated with my own style. Almost like they have discovered how to fly and are demonstrating their new found skill to the Derby public.



Derby Museum; research

The famous Allenton Hippo! His remains were found in the beer garden of a pub in Derby. I like to think it was his local, a place he snuck to on his way home from work, while Mrs Hippo was tapping her watch, wondering where he had got to. Knowing full well!

A Good Start to the Year

So, I began the year with a solid application to Artcore for their second 'Bridge the Gap' residency, which I was offered at the end of January! Over the next month I will be busy putting together an exciting intervention that will spread across The Museum and Art Gallery in Derby. Watch this space!