I love to customise and personalise things, be it a set of blank Matryoshka dolls or a painting from scratch, there is something quite magical about creating a piece of work with someone specific in mind. Discovering their quirks and personality, it feels like you're actually getting to know someone through the art work.

If you have an idea in mind, no matter how vague or strange, lets talk! 




Personalised wedding invite

The invite above was made to incorporate the couples love for their cats. They wanted a quirky piece of art, full of colour and fun. Something that captured their personalities and would be kept and treasured long after their big day.


custom jewellery

Handmade jewellery, delicately painted to resemble a loved one, through caricature or with a name imaginatively incorporated to match the flow of the piece. 




Family matryoshka

Hand painted, personalised matryoshka dolls.

Family members, celebrities, political icons... A very special gift that nobody else will own.