I was asked to illustrate this hilarious story written by Luke Kondor, if you can manage to read it (turn auto rotate off immediately) you will discover that it is about a beard and some tiny people that live in it. I can’t say where I got the idea to make the image the story and the beard itself. Maybe I was being incredibly clever, maybe I was being a pain in the arse. I’ll let you decide. You can check out more of Luke’s work here:

I am often inspired by people. If I can find the time, I like to go sit in a cafe for a while. I get my paints out and spread myself out, taking in inspiration from the people passing through. I find a good rummage through magazines, books, travel imagery can get ideas flowing. The two girls above were taken from some fashion photography. Its a just a simple starting point if you are drawing up blank. 
I like to try new approaches when working, I tend to be quite spontaneous with my creative process. I find that ideas pop up out of nowhere, all of a sudden there is a hidden meaning that is clear as day, or a funny quip that takes me by surprise, so much so that I often find myself wondering where on earth it has come from. If I ever find myself staring at a blank white page I will splash some ink until I find an image I can develop, or close my eyes and draw from my imagination with my left hand
I tend to use Instagram as a continual upload for goings on. Keep in the loop here ^^
Whatever I do has to be accompanied by music. If there is no sound, it’s not happening. I like to link into the rhythm and let it guide every little part of what I create. This often breaks into full dance like no-ones watching. I am thankful for technology because if there wasn’t the serious risk of clay damage I would definitely set up a record player in the studio.