I am an artist based in Derby, originally from Middlesbrough. My work is instinctual and flows through various methods and mediums, from 2D visual art forms such as watercolour and collage in illustration to ceramic and further sculpture. At times there is a clear illustrative style with a focus on people, character and narrative and at others, any human influence is stripped away to texture and colour. 

I have an recurring interest in layered form, be it human behaviour; what hides beneath the forefront of a person, or the detailed natural observations in geology and ecology such as eukaryotic organisms, mineral forms and marine invertebrates. 

I have 7 years experience in leading groups and delivering creative workshops in schools and communities, developing and delivering a diverse range of activities in primary and secondary schools. From fun, engaging lunch time and after school activities to more long term projects, looking at ways of building confidence and developing independent learning through creative processes. 


TBA Artist Collective, ‘Occupation’ (04/19) Unfold Arts (2018) Bridge the Gap Residency (2017) Six Streets (2016/17) Wirksworth Festival (2011/17) Artsmith Live (2014) ‘Paper Town’ Solo exhibition. Beermat Show (2013) Images 36 (2012) Cafe Provencal; Herne Hill (2011) Arts Market; Holmfirth (2011) Banks Street Arts; PANDEMIC Sheffield (2011) Derby QUAD; Never Let me Go (2011) Future Focus (2010) Derby Museum & Art Gallery; School Summer Showcase (2010) No Parking Collective; DEDA (2010) 


Collectivism, Haarlem Art Space. Wirksworth. 05/2019

Bridge The Gap, Artcore / Derby Museum. 2017