old found words

Found some old poems the other day. (don't laugh) The memories came flooding right back. Growing up in the North East, going to art college and becoming a mother. The beginning of everything.


Street parties

Friendly faces

Late for school

Tying laces

Staceys house

Damp and musty

Ice cream van

10p lucies

Growing up

Things changing

Out of hands

Time wasting

Flush red cheeks and charcoal drawings
Fleetham Street
Corridors and rumours
A chip fork in the road
Blue dress; armhole facings
Half hour bus ride home
Wetsuits on!
Cold red noses
Who’s afraid of sea monsters?
Pink hair; Petty theft
Something naughty, it’s my birthday
Growing up, being mum
Fire on, nails done

First day home, Feeling scared and excited
This precious little thing. What if I can’t do it?

Its snowing outside. I put you in your car seat
Snow falls and lands on your tiny pink face

We drive home with care. Can’t stop looking at you

Home at last. I could shut the world out for a life time
I want you all to myself. Just you and me

People come over. Celebrations begin.
’Go away’ Im thinking, creeping pain in my tummy

I take you away to my room.
Shut the door. Hold you in my arms

My baby. My Milly.