Penguins Penguins

So, playing catch up here.. I have been a little busy lately, getting my hands stuck into some serious clay for my arts residency with Artcore. 

I have been producing some interventional art for Derby Museum and Art Gallery, inspired by their fantastic collection. Early in the residency, I decided to spend a while just familiarising myself with the many artefacts and just getting a feel for the space. I was quickly and predictably drawn to the huge nature collection, where I stumbled upon two Adelie penguins, brought back from Robert Scott's ill fated expedition to the Antarctic in 1910. I loved Scott's account of the inquisitive birds;

‘The great trouble has been with the fatuous conduct of the penguins. Groups have been constantly leaping onto our (ice) floe. From the moment of landing on their feet, their whole attitude expressed devouring curiosity and pig headed disregard for their own safety.’

I thought about the contrast of their funny little waddle on land and their powerful gliding movements underwater. I could see them swimming through the museum, tiny ceramic recreations, illustrated with my own style. Almost like they have discovered how to fly and are demonstrating their new found skill to the Derby public.