HAARLEM Wirksworth Festival

It was Wirksworth Festival this weekend and I decided to clear out my space and fill it with the contents of my brain. One side, an installation, dedicated to my current thoughts on time; twists and turns of delicate wire and a flash of blue rope. Objects, shapes and natural forms suggested pivotal moments and fragments of words reflected the in betweens of now; the getting from thought to action and then quick reflection. The other side of my space celebrated a colourful medley of framed illustration and ceramic goodies. Being the first port of call for most people, aside from the cake, visitors delighted in the sensory overload with smiles and laughter. Always my favourite part of exhibiting!

As always, the Haarlem gang pulled together to keep the coggs turning, from helping set up to filling tummies with soup and cake, keeping coffee flowing and just supporting each other in whatever way we can. It reminded me that Haarlem is not just a place to work and grow individually, it is a place of collectivism, it is a place of nurture. It is open and it is closed at the same time, like a good hug from a good friend. A happy Haarlem friend.



Hello Haarlem!

It’s been a while, but that’s not to say I have not been busy. I have been moving and settling into my new studio. But to say studio is to understate. My new art space, or Haarlem Art Space, is a space of colour and collaboration, a place where cakes are baked and ideas are shared.

Haarlem is nestled amongst the lush green landscape, just shy of Wirksworth town centre in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales. A small town with a big, big soul.

Haarlem is special for many reasons, it’s one of those things that doesn’t quite fit into words, but you just feel it when you enter the building. Of course, it is the people that make the building and you can’t help but feel that every person that lives here, (and we do live here) is somehow meant to be here, like imaginary collective bricks that make up the walls, a perfect fit. And every brick has something to bring, some value and purpose to keeps the Haarlem fire burning. And the cakes coming!


Empty shop


You can't walk for two minutes in any city centre without seeing an empty shop. East Street Arts is an amazing organisation based in Leeds that supports artists up and down the country in developing ideas and projects in these forgotten spaces and guess what, they have found the perfect place in little old Derby.

So, I jumped right on board and you can now find me at 2, The Spot, right in the heart of Derby city centre. I will be using the space to develop my own creative ideas and projects, the space will see participatory workshops, installation process, exhibitions, film nights and much more.

Source: https://unfoldarts.yolasite.com/

This is normanton


I was recently commissioned to create an illustration for Fifth Word, as a thank you to all of the lovely people that worked on and volunteered for the 'This is Normanton' project that is now being shown in Pickford House Museum in Derby. 

I wanted to capture the vibrance that is found in this area, looking through the archival visual research that was collected I began to formulate a mixed media collage that I think represents the community spirit of Normanton. 


float - DRBY200443.jpg

Murals Wedding

Over the past month or so, myself and the wonderful Emily Garcés have been working with the local community in Allenton and Shelton Lock to gather inspiration for this giant mural that we are now creating for St Edmunds Church, based on the idea of community and individuality within community.

Over the course of the project, we have kept a loose template in mind that combines cell like patterns and flowing narrative. It's nice to see the finished piece growing as organically as the project itself has done over time.

I am so glad that I was given Emily to work with, we have bounced off each other in a really great way, (the fact that we are both bonkers helps) And I think you can already see both of of our styles within the work. 

Watch this space for the final results!

Check out Emilys work here: http://www.emilygarces.com/