This is normanton


I was recently commissioned to create an illustration for Fifth Word, as a thank you to all of the lovely people that worked on and volunteered for the 'This is Normanton' project that is now being shown in Pickford House Museum in Derby. 

I wanted to capture the vibrance that is found in this area, looking through the archival visual research that was collected I began to formulate a mixed media collage that I think represents the community spirit of Normanton.

float - DRBY200443.jpg

How Many faces can you see?

I see faces in everything. I have done since I was a little girl, when I would scour my bedroom for hints of light to play with the shadows as I fell asleep. I see figures in the leaves on a tree, I see a lady eating an apple in the flowers that fold into my curtains. It's never ending how my brain can entertain itself. 

So I decided to pull my work apart and put it back together. A new world has been created yet again. Oh Photoshop, I do love you. 



Inside my sketchbook there lives another world

Decided to spend a couple of afternoons painting in my sketch book. I dunno why but I feel this weird guilty feeling whenever I choose to just spend some time working on my own thing. Like I still have the voice of Mr 9 to 5 in my head, telling me that it's not 'real' work. 


Well kids, if you're reading this. Don't do what the man tells you to do. Follow your dreams. For all you know, you only have one life, don't spend it doing something you don't care about. A man in a suit does not decide what real work is. You do.

Keep painting, keep singing, keep dancing. Keep keeping it real.


Next Batch of Good

After some panicked searching for kiln space, the university kindly offered one more load of work. I have had great fun making these twisty boobie ladies. Fingers crossed they come out looking amazing!

Keep an eye out for them in the museum shop!

Swimming Ladies

Starting to really love Mondays. After a whole weekend of waiting with bated breath while my little treasures cook away inside the kiln, the anticipation is almost too much.

Today, three lady swimmers swam right out of the oven, rich with colour and flush in the cheeks. After three whole days of continuous exercise they are ready for a cup of tea and a big slice of cake. 

Adélie Blues

Adélie populations have fallen by more than 65% in the past 25 years. The biggest threat to them right now is climate change.

In parts of the Antarctic peninsula, sea ice cover has reduced by over 60% in 30 years. One of the Adélies’ main food source, krill, needs ice to breed and feed under, and the loss of ice is causing a decline in krill in some areas. Warmer temperatures can also have an affect on chick hatching times, and they may hatch at times when food is scarce.