New Studio

I have finally found a new nest, for a few months at least. You can find me tucked away up a cobbled street in Belper with the lovely Creatii. (

After a busy few weeks with crazy sales thanks to the amazing Jealous Curator, I have decided to focus on 'for the hell of it' sculpture for a while. First stop, ceramic totem poles. Can't wait to see these in full colour. 

#TBT First Art Thing

Looking through some old photos, I came across this piece of art work from back in the Foundation years. (13 years ago!!!)

Months spent listening to Radiohead, I really began to see how much music effected me, creatively. I'd use every beat to determine what I did with my pen, totally sucked into the moment of the sound.

Time capsule

This piece was based on Memory, a kind of giant time capsule / pod. Twigs foraged and twisted round to form cocoon-like shapes,  intricately weaved with hand printed papers, filled with mark makings and scrawlings from my childhood, signifying moments caught forever. 

It was a pretty inspiring time, I had recently become a Mum and was going through some incredible changes as a person. I was looking at the world in a different way, noticing changes in seasons a lot more, the colours the smells. Everything inspired me. It all started here really, with the birth of my daughter came wave after wave of creativity.