Repetition in Nature


I’m not sure where the idea for this came from, I feel it must be the forest floor. You can find a lot when you’re scrambling through the woods; nuts, seeds, tracks, breadcrumbs…

I love the detail found in nature, subtle repetition that makes up this natural construction.

I found myself in some kind of meditative trance making these forms. Little pin pricks, piercing the clay with an addictive sound. I’m imagining them in contrasting, unnatural colours, like candy disguised as natural organisms but actually they’re full of E numbers.


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There is nothing more exciting for me than stumbling upon some interesting fungi. I’ve decided I am going to become an expert and my research begins here. The CLATHRUS RUBER, also known as the latticed stinkhorn. Red in colour, a Saprobic that feeds on decaying plant material. Originally European, though it has been introduced to other areas such as North and South Africa, Asia and South America. What is fascinating about this fun guy, (oh i went there) is that the body initially appears like a whitish "egg" attached to the ground at the base by cords called Rhizomorphs. Clathrus bursts through the egg like some kind of weird alien creature, revealing its true majestic nature to the forest.

As with many fungi species, this is not meant for your tummy. Apparently its quite pongy so I don’t think any mistakes will be made.

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New Studio

I have finally found a new nest, for a few months at least. You can find me tucked away up a cobbled street in Belper with the lovely Creatii. (

After a busy few weeks with crazy sales thanks to the amazing Jealous Curator, I have decided to focus on 'for the hell of it' sculpture for a while. First stop, ceramic totem poles. Can't wait to see these in full colour.