I was asked to illustrate this hilarious story written by Luke Kondor, if you can manage to read it (turn auto rotate off immediately) you will discover that it is about a beard and some tiny people that live in it. I can’t say where I got the idea to make the image the story and the beard itself. Maybe I was being incredibly clever, maybe I was being a pain in the arse. I’ll let you decide. You can check out more of Luke’s work here:

I am often inspired by people. If I can find the time, I like to go sit in a cafe for a while. I get my paints out and spread myself out, taking in inspiration from the people passing through. I find a good rummage through magazines, books, travel imagery can get ideas flowing. The two girls above were taken from some fashion photography. Its a just a simple starting point if you are drawing up blank. 
I like to try new approaches when working, I tend to be quite spontaneous with my creative process. I find that ideas pop up out of nowhere, all of a sudden there is a hidden meaning that is clear as day, or a funny quip that takes me by surprise, so much so that I often find myself wondering where on earth it has come from. If I ever find myself staring at a blank white page I will splash some ink until I find an image I can develop, or close my eyes and draw from my imagination with my left hand
I tend to use Instagram as a continual upload for goings on. Keep in the loop here ^^
A lot of time goes into the overseeing of a creative project. From proposals and budgets to idea brainstorming and then a dive right into the intensive, hands on production. And just when you relax and find a flow, you are at deadline and all of a sudden, you are up a ladder while desperately trying to figure out how on earth you are going to explain your idea to an audience. Anyone who says being an artist is just drawing pretty pictures is very much mistaken.
Whatever I do has to be accompanied by music. If there is no sound, it’s not happening. I like to link into the rhythm and let it guide every little part of what I create. This often breaks into full dance like no-ones watching. I am thankful for technology because if there wasn’t the serious risk of clay damage I would definitely set up a record player in the studio.