I have over 8 years experience of delivering creative workshops in schools and in the community.

I think that one of the things that stops a person from being creative is the fear of getting it wrong. If we are taught to be precise and careful before we have had chance to experiment then there is no room for discovery.

I see it as my job, first and foremost to begin to erase This fear and in it's place, plant magical, care free seeds for imagination And confidence to grow. 


Ref Available upon request.

Shadow drawing

Light proof collaborative space filled with torches, lamps, shadow making props. Draw / mark make onto paper covered floor and just have a good old giggle!

Giant Diorama

I love messing about with paper illustration, creating dioramas and anything to do with collage, i'm there.

I recently travelled up north to the lovely town of Skipton to facilitate a collaborative diorama workshop. Beginning with a rough collage map of the town and slowly building upwards as if Skipton were a pop up book.  It was a fantastic day, and I was mega impressed with the creative problem solving that went down. Lovely to meet you, Skipton!

Shadow puppets

Choose what type of puppets you want. Your favourite animal, A deep sea monster, Or maybe a scary ghost. Draw simple outlines for your puppets on the cardboard and cut them out, or rummage through the magic box of random materials and create something completely crazy! Great for team building and storytelling.

Visual Art Books

Playful ways of building visual art books and zines using easy folding techniques, collage and creative writing.

hangy (1).JPG

Working with clay

Simple beads and shapes, sweet like glazes that, when combined with wire and driftwood can become beautiful homewares, bespoke jewellery or nothing at all. Sometimes, just playing with clay is enough, it is an incredibly theraputic activity.


Sexy pins

Using Polymer clay, scraps of materials and a little imagination, make your very own sexy pins. Great for hen parties!


Paper & Wire

Explore your imagination with paper puppets. Using illustration techniques to build colour and pattern and develop characters that pop out and make their presence known.


Bling up ya bike

This is a very popular drop in workshop that looks at ways of getting people active; a great one for getting young people (and adults) out of their bikes.

Perfect for a summer event in the park!



Art is not just something that is created by the artist. An artist is someone who sees the world in a different light. With the right glasses, anyone can see!

Collage is a great way of slowly building up an image and finding a natural flow and eye for composition


Summer school showcase

I have worked in a number of schools, developing creative projects with both children and staff.

One of my favourites was Sinfin Primary School, working closely with Derby Museums we used the nature collection as inspiration to create art work that was then shown in the Museum, through artist / student collaborative curation.